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Coinspiracy Dev Team

Coinspiracy Dev Team

A little bit about this project...

The Coinspiracy project, corporation, NGO, and crypto token project are the creation of human rights activists to provide solutions and alternatives for ourselves, our families, as well as those of like mind that see the many problems in society, have been fighting to right the wrongs, and do not approve of the way governments, corporations, the media, and the banks are carrying themselves.

We wish to create solutions and exercise our right to self-determination, while respecting others’ rights to agree with a partake in the existing system.

We have become tired of fighting to have our voices heard and be contributing members of our communities only to have derogatory labels attached to us, our character and morals attacked by our peers.

Will F Leeman – Doxxed Dev – https://www.facebook.com/willf.leeman


There is an overall 8% tax on all transactions, this is to make the token self-sustainable and to incentivize holding.


Marketing & Product Development


Redistributed to holders


Added back into liquidity


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion)

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What we have planned

The One Earth Project Partnerships

Coinspiracy is honoured to partner with these amazing businesses and organizations. If you feel that your company aligns with the goals of Coinspiracy and wish to partner with us, connect with us on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Investor Academy logo

The time has come for change...

Our partnership with Investor Academy Crypto embodies our intention to create generational wealth, not only for our community members but every human being we can reach. Their platform is proven to make crypto gains, in crypto profit as well as knowledge.

TruthTalk logo

To think for ourselves...

Our partnership with Truth Talk represents our dedication to fighting mainstream corporate misinformation/disinformation in a world where the only truth allowed is that of big business.

AI Grow Light logo

Ready to start growing?

AI Grow Light is our partner in the agriculture aspect of the off-grid communities we are building. Their technology will help us reduce our carbon footprint and provide faster and greater yields using less water and electricity than similar systems. We will grow only organic and heirloom produce.

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